to the webpage of my practice for psychiatry and psychoanalysis. You can find information about me, the therapies and services I offer and other things. You probably will not find an answer to all of your questions. Therefore feel free to contact me anytime.

Please note the section “News”: That’s where I post the days when I probably won’t be in.

About me

Dr. med. Michael Niebler

Specialist/Consultant for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy (CH) FMH
DAS Medical Psychotherapy (UZH)
CAS Philosophy for Professionals in the Fields of Medicine and Psychotherapy (UZH)
Group Analyst in training (SGAZ)
Psychoanalyst in training (PSZ)

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There are moments in life when you realize that things should chance. At this point it makes sense to talk to a professional about what has happened, what matters now and what the future should look like.

Therefore I offer:

Psychiatric-psychotherapeutic clarification of indication

Psychiatric evaluation regarding bariatric surgery

Crisis intervention

Social psychiatric support

Treatment with psychiatric medication

Psychoanalysis/ Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy for adolescents and adults, especially of the morbid obese and for for persons suffering from psychosis


The treatment can be paid by the basic / supplementary health insurance, or an income-related amount per hour is agreed upon.

My capacity for the various types of treatment may change over the course of time. Please don’t hesitate to contact me.

If you have been in treatment in my practice before, please contact me without hesitation anytime.

Contact information

Dr. med. Michael Niebler
Praxis für Psychiatrie und Psychoanalyse
Weinbergstrasse 145
CH-8006 Zurich

Office days: Monday – Thursday

Phone:  +41 (0)44 361 19 05
Fax:  +41(0)44 660 79 90
SMS: +41(0)76 742 59 34
Mail: michael.niebler(at)hin.ch

ZSR-Nr.: I 381631
GLN: 7601000947307

The office is located on the third floor without an elevator.

By car:
There is one parking space in front of the house (“Psychoanalytische Praxis”). You can also use the “Blaue Zone” in the neighbourhood.

By Public transportation:
Tram Nr.  11 & 14 to Kronenstrasse
Tram Nr. 7 & 15 to Röslistrasse or
Bus Nr. 33, Tram 7, 11, 14 & 15 to Schaffhauserplatz


Most people find it very difficult to talk about intimate problems, dreams, desires etc. to a stranger. That’s why I am obligated by law and professional ethics to provide a safe space.

The most important aspect is an unconditional respect for your dignity as a human being.

Naturally I follow the principle of medical confidentiality.

I continuously update my qualifications in order to offer treatment by the newest standards.

I am responsible for the right setting for the chosen therapy.

Even though I try my best, there might be things that bother you during the treatment. Do feel free to voice any concerns.